Marg Strauss

Marg Strauss enjoys:
"antique shopping; collecting crafts; cooking."

Marg's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

There are countless antique shops in the immediate area, particularly in the hamlet of Shakespeare on the drive into Stratford; great places to shop; and wonderful restaurants.

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Phillip Crawford

Phillip Crawford enjoys:
"playing piano; attending concerts; traveling."

Phillip's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

It is a very friendly, clean and safe community. Wonderfully beautified by the city and citizens alike; and more cultured and sophisticated in arts and dining than many larger cities.

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Angela Cooper

Angela Cooper enjoys:
"finding interesting places to eat-and then eating there; exploring fun and unique experiences that I can't get at home; being outdoors, and discovering something new."

Angela's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

It’s an arts enclave. Whether it is theatre or music, there are many artistic festivals to choose from. There are a variety of great places to shop that I couldn’t find at home.

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Martin Gold

Martin Gold enjoys:
"traveling; music: playing, and going to concerts; discovering new places to hang out: bars and restaurants."

Martin's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

There is a unique and eclectic mix of arts and artists. There is a lot happening in the summer to keep me returning and discovering what's new. Great live theatre, and a really impressive line up of concerts and venues.

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Bob Wells

Bob Wells enjoys:
"traveling; exploring fun and unique experiences that I can’t get at home; being outdoors; and discovering new things."

Bob's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

It's very easy going, and there are a lot of off the beaten track places to explore; beautiful countryside; bike friendly.

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Susan Park

Susan Park enjoys:
"traveling; visiting art galleries; and reading a good book."

Susan's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

It's a very pleasant town in which to spend a leisurely day. We love to walk through the gardens; explore the shops; see a show at the theatre; and enjoy so many charming residential streets of Edwardian homes and gardens.

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Frank Russo

Frank Russo enjoys:
"In my dreams: golf; but right now quality time with my family is all I could ever ask for."

Frank's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

It's so easy to get around, to see and do everything on each of our agendas. There are unique highlights here to keep each one of us occupied. We can trust that it's a safe and friendly place for our kids to practice being on their own for a few minutes without us having to worry.

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Steve Young

Steve Young enjoys:
"biking; reading; discovering new places"

Steve's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

Lush green space, open fields, old towns, and wooded trails-there's a lot of undiscovered country for a biker. There are plenty of interesting, off-the-beaten-track places to check out-from farms to breweries-along the way. Very friendly.

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Patricia Morris

Patricia Morris enjoys:
"dining out; traveling; being outdoors"

Patricia's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

It's franchise free; there is an eclectic mix of arts and artists; and it has a very sophisticated dining culture.

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Maxwell Lee

Maxwell Lee enjoys:
"watching live theater; reading; and discovering new places to explore."

Maxwell's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

It's got a lot of sophistication without being pretentious. It's one of the few areas that make great efforts to remain affordable, so that there are many ways to have a rich and cultured experience without it costing too much. I love the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. It is the best quality theatre I know.

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Greg Lawson

Greg Lawson enjoys:
"golf; barbeque; hanging out with my friends"

Greg's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

It's a great place to get away for the weekend, because it's far enough away that you feel you've gone somewhere interesting, but close enough that it doesn't take much time at all to get there. It's the only place where my buddies and I can have a guy's weekend, our wives can have a girl's weekend, and afterwards we can all have dinner together. Great golf!

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Neve Sommers

Neve Sommers enjoys:
"shopping; jogging; spending time with my friends"

Neve's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

It's so pretty! There are no box stores; there are a lot of great shops that you can't get in Toronto, because they're family owned boutiques, so when I go home everyone asks "where did you get that?"– I like that. It's a very easy going getaway for me and my friends to make a special weekend together.

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Karen Ostry

Karen Ostry enjoys:
"Cooking for my friends; eco-touring; gardening"

Karen's 3 Favourite things about Stratford:

Uniquely attentive to beautiful gardens; great place to get fresh, organic food; very fine dining-probably due to the Stratford Chefs School, there's a sophisticated local cuisine, and many restaurants incorporate a "100 mile menu".

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